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About us

Welcome to A Cut Above, a retailer of luxurious bespoke carpets and rugs. Purposely designed for a variety of uses including homes, caravans, boats, cars and motor homes. (basically anywhere you want flooring) A family run business based in Lancaster, Founded in 1997 by Jan and Dave, we originally customised rugs and carpets in our spare time. From these humble beginnings, we introduced our children and grandchildren into the business, who have carried on the passion to create tailor made carpets for any situation. Our limitation is your imagination.

Tailor Made Carpets And Rugs

We take pride in ensuring that when you invest in a carpet or rug from us, you will receive a product that is to your exact specifications. We know that specific colouring and design can really bring a room to life, which is why we spend time perfecting our craft so that you can have the carpet of your dreams.

Carpets for Motorhomes, Cars and Caravans

When it comes to owning an alternative mode of transport/holiday accommodation, more often than not people believe they’re stuck with the flooring that comes as standard. This needn't be the case. A Cut Above can custom fit carpets that can easily be removed something that’s incredibly useful when away from home.

Hand Crafted Rugs

For a number of people, rugs are a more suitable option than a carpet. Rugs don’t require professional installation, and because they aren't secured in one place, they can be moved about whenever you desire. As well as being a quintessential centre piece, rugs can make a room feel larger; something that can appeal to homeowners who wish to project an air of space and openness in their chosen room.

Fibre Optic Fine Carpets With Lights

A popular flooring choice, especially for those with young children, is fibre optic carpets, complete with lights. The installation of lights alongside the carpet provide a multisensory experience that is just as much calming as it is impressive to look at. This type of carpet is ideal for those with children with special needs.

Character Rugs For Nurseries

As a child grows up, it’s important that they have access to a space where they’re able to be creative, yet remain safe. A carpet will allow you to provide this domain as it is much safer than hard flooring. Due to our bespoke carpet making abilities, we can create character rugs to fire your child’s imagine.

Football Crest Rugs

For those that have a passion for the beautiful game, we have access to a wide range of football crest rugs, meaning that you can represent your side, whilst also having a stylish interior. They can be the perfect addition to bring out for match days or as a permanent fixture.


A service we offer is carpet binding, a process that involves having a material added to the edge of a carpet, turning it into a rug. In the majority of cases nylon or cotton is used, although other materials are just as viable.

A Cut Above, Here For You

This is just a small selection of the services we are able to provide for any of our customers. No job is too large or small, and we can also provide carpet binding and whipping processes if needed. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you have any questions at all get in touch today on 01524 35660.