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Choosing Between Carpet Brands

Buying a carpet for your home is one of the most exciting parts about interior design. It’s a huge part of your decor and has the ability to really transform your home for the better by giving it that unique and final touch.


Here at A Cut Above we have an amazing selection of carpets that will make an excellent addition to your home. But don’t be overwhelmed by the choice because this guide is designed to tell you everything you need to know about carpet brands and why you should choose us when it comes to picking your next carpet.


Here are just a few things that you should look for in a carpet brand.




We understand that everyone’s tastes are different and personal preference will vary. Therefore, we design bespoke carpets of all types to make sure you find your perfect match and your room can really be brought to life.


Colour and design is key in helping you make that final choice, which is why we spend a lot of time perfecting our craft and ensuring you get the carpet you’ve always wanted. No matter what shade you are looking for and what pattern you desire, we have something in our collection for everyone.


Excellent customer service

To ensure that every customer we work with is happy with their purchase, we go above and beyond to make sure that you receive a product that matches your specifications exactly.


Our dedicated and friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you in the carpet buying process, because we want all of our customers to have a first class experience with us.


We even offer carpet binding, which is a process that involves adding material to the edge of your carpet and turning it into a rug. More often than not, nylon or cotton are used, but other materials can be just as useful. However, no job is too big or small because the satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority.


Great value for money

One of our missions at A Cut Above was to combine quality with affordability. That’s why we take pride in our carpets because we want everyone to be able to benefit from them.


Our carpets are priced by metre square so you are only paying for the material that you actually need. In fact, if you need us to fit a carpet for you, we will take any excess material and create a matching rug, meaning you have access to versatile interior and a chance to protect your carpet in terms of longevity.


Things to think about before buying a carpet

When it comes to making a final decision on what type of carpet you want to opt for, it’s important you do so after you have considered some key points. After all, your carpet is going to be in your house for a long time, so you want it to be something that is perfect for the overall design of your room.


Below are a few pointers you might want to check off your list before you make your choice



This is perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to important factors to think about. Knowing what kind of budget you wish to spend will narrow down your options to begin with and will make it a lot easier for you to find the carpet you desire at a quicker rate.


There is little point in looking at carpets that are out of your budget, so establish how much you want to spend before you begin your search.



New carpet adds value to your home, so it’s an investment worth making in the long run. If you want a carpet that is going to be highly durable, have a greater density and a tighter twist construction, you are going to want to go for a high quality option.



Carpet covers a large part of your room so it’s vital that the colour matches the rest of the decor. Consider the fact that the colour of a carpet can have an impact on the size of the room. This is perhaps a visual illusion but lighter carpets tend to make a room look larger, whilst darker colours give the room a smaller a more intimate feel.



It’s important to consider your lifestyle when it comes to choosing a carpet. Mainly because your carpet is going to require some form of maintenance to maximise its lifespan.


If you have children or pets, it’s much better to go for a carpet that is easy to clean, as you may be subject to stains and spillages often. In this instance, it’s wise to steer clear from certain fabrics such as wool and sheepskin, as these may require more intense maintenance.



Always think long term when it comes to carpet because you can never predict the future. That’s why it’s handy to look at the terms and condition/warranty when looking for a style of carpet because doing so will protect your investment.


Like with every investment, careful consideration is key. That’s why we have compiled this list of top tips, which are designed to help you every step of the way when it comes to choosing the perfect carpet.


If you are on the lookout for an amazing carpet that could give your home the lease of life it needs, then look no further. Here at A Cut Above Carpets we have a brilliant collection of bespoke carpets and rugs that would look ideal in any home.


For more information, contact one of our team on 01524 35660, or email us on and we will be happy to help.

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