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How to Find the Best Sized Rugs

When it comes to decorating a room, it’s important to note that there are a range of key considerations to keep in mind before you make any final decisions - and choosing a rug size is no exception.


However, don’t let the process overwhelm you!


By following this guide, you can learn the top tips involved in choosing the best rug size so you can give your room that perfect finishing touch.


Before You Buy Your Rug

If you are buying a rug for your living room, measure your seating area before you begin browsing so you know exactly what size you are looking for. This will narrow your search down considerably and save you a lot of time and effort.


It’s also a good idea to understand the purpose of the rug. Do you want it to be a statement piece in the room, or do you want it to be a more neutral addition that will blend in well with other aspects of the space? If you want to break up a room into different areas, smaller rugs can be used to achieve this.


Budget is also a key aspect to think about when choosing a rug. Similarly to measuring the area where your rug will go, it’s a good idea to work out how much you want to spend so that you can look for rugs that fall under your price range.


There are also a range of rooms in your home you can place a rug, so below are the three most common places and how to utilise the space you have:


Living Room


Photo of large living room area with a brown rug


An area rug is much more than just a cosy place for your feet. It adds a sense of style and can really give your room dimension.


Typically, the living room is a social area and so the furniture should reflect that. With this in mind, a large rug has the ability to unify a room but make sure you leave sufficient space around the furniture so it doesn’t appear perched on the edge of the rug. Some may even use the large rug to sit underneath all of the furniture (the sofa, coffee table, loveseat etc.) to emphasise the interactive area and provide balance in the room.


The size of the rug will indeed depend on the size and spacing of your furniture. As previously mentioned, the minimum size should allow the rug to slide underneath the front of all the elements in the seating area.


Dining Room


Black and white zigzag rug underneath table and chair set in dining room area


When choosing a rug for a dining room, some people like to opt for one that will go under the table to deaden the sound in the room. Ideally, the rug should be in proportion to the table but large enough that all the legs of the chairs sit on the rug when the chairs are pulled out.


Surprisingly, the dining room is an area where a lot of people are unsure of what rug size to go for but, as you know now, the rule is fairly simple.




Large multi-patterned rug underneath double bed


The key feature in the bedroom is naturally the bed, so it’s important the rug you choose works in conjunction with this.


One of the most common mistakes people make when using an area rug in the bedroom is placing a small rug at the bottom of the bed that doesn’t happen to extend under the bed itself. Ideally, you want a rug that’s going to extend around all three walking sides of the bed (this is, of course, assuming the head of your bed is placed against the wall).


Exactly how much it extends is entirely up to you, but a good guideline is to go for a size that allows you to stand on the rug fully when you get out of the bed. If you happen to have a bedside cabinet or nightstand, it’s a good idea to have the rug reach the outer edges of the bedside cabinet.


There are a range of places in the bedroom to place a rug. One of the most common places is just in front of the nightstand. However, if you have a big room, a large rug would look better and you can maximise the space of the room effectively. A large rug is a great way to make a bigger room appear more homely, especially if the bedroom floor is wooden.


Things to think about before choosing your rug

As much as choosing a new rug is an exciting process, there are some key points to keep in mind so that you walk away with the perfect rug for you. These usually come under the following categories:


  • Your own sense of style: It might sound obvious but this is one of the most important factors to consider before you begin your rug search. You’re going to see this rug every day so it’s important it reflects your personal taste.


  • Rug maintenance and cleaning: Different fabrics require various methods of cleaning, so bear this in mind when browsing options. High-quality area rugs tend to need regular and professional cleaning, and this could double in amount if the rug is placed in an area that is likely to receive high-traffic.


  • How the rug will be used: You need to ask yourself whether the rug you choose will be used frequently, or whether it’s more for decorative purposes. If you have children that are likely to spend a lot of time on the rug, it’s a good idea to go for fabrics that can handle high-traffic, such as flat-weave - whereas shag and sisal rugs can work well in low-traffic areas.


  • Your lifestyle: Not every rug suits every lifestyle, so it’s important to consider how you plan to live in the space the rug will be located. Do you have children, as we’ve previously mentioned? Or pets? In these instances, go for a rug that is going to be easy to clean. Also, if you are the type of person that is likely to change your decor often, opt for a cheaper rug or a neutral coloured option that is going to match a variety of shades.


Choosing a rug can be the ultimate finishing touch to a room, so it’s important you get it right - that’s where we come in!


Here at A Cut Above, we have a collection of rugs to choose from that are suitable for a variety of household rooms. If you are struggling to find the right size, or you simply wish to speak to one of our advisors, contact us on 01524 35660. Alternatively you can email us at and we will get back to you promptly.

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