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Interior Design Tips for Picking the Best Carpet for a Small Room

So, you’re in the midst of decorating your new home, or perhaps you want to give your current home a revamp, but you’re in need of some interior design tips to help you choose the best carpet.


Well, that’s where we come in!


Follow this guide for picking the best carpet style and you will be one step closer to giving your room the attention it needs for maximum style and endless comfort.


How to decorate small rooms with these amazing carpet ideas


Neutral coloured carpet in small bedroom

A small room can vary from bedrooms to playrooms, and even study rooms with a whole host of great ideas for decorating. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the following questions before you even begin searching for a style:


  • How is the room going to be used?

  • Is the room likely to experience light or heavy traffic?

  • Will the room a focal point in your home?

  • Are people going to able to directly access the room from the outside in?

Once you have established these points, there are also a few other elements to keep in mind to ensure you make the most out of your small space. It’s worth taking these into account if you want your house to truly feel like a home, so get your checklist at the ready and think about:


  • Coloured

  • Patterned or plain

  • Style

  • Quality & Care

Adding carpet to a small room offers a range of benefits, including the improvement of its appearance, insulation and health and safety. In the next section we’re going to look at how the above points can really make a difference to your interior design so you can enjoy your space in the best way possible.


Bedroom carpet ideas that are ideal for a small room



In order to open up a room and make it appear larger, think neutral shades and lighter colours. You’d be surprised just how much extra room is created by being selective with your colour choices and it’s handy for the future if you decide to change the decor in your room to ensure everything will match.


One of the best parts about choosing a neutral colour is that it reflects light into the room rather than soaking it in. In addition, by choosing a carpet that is going to blend well with furniture and wallpaper, meaning you have a greater chance of creating a wonderful colour palette that will certainly give it a modern edge.


It’s also worth keeping in mind that by maneuvering your furniture a certain way you can create extra space in a small area so don’t miss out.


Patterned or plain

In a small room, busy patterns can be rather a lot to process. This excessive visual activity can make a room appear smaller, but by keeping things minimal you will have a greater chance of adding spacial illusion to the area.


You don’t have to go completely bland. Rather a carpet type that offers a tone-on-tone option is a better alternative when it comes to picking a suitable pattern. This type of carpet offers subtle shading that isn’t too distracting from other features in the room.



Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibres to choose from because it resists stains and tolerates foot traffic and furniture weight. This type of carpet material is ideal in any bedroom or child’s playroom that might experience excessive footfall, or the likelihood of spillages.


Wool is also a good choice because it is both soft and durable. It also comes in a range of neutral colours so it would be perfect for blending with additional decor in a room with limited space.


Quality & Care


Person cleaning nude coloured carpet with spray bottle and cloth

It’s important that when choosing your carpet, you then follow top carpet maintenance tips for keeping it in the best condition possible.


You must also factor in your lifestyle, too. Is your household the type that sees a lot of footfall from children, or do you perhaps have pets? If so, it’s worth looking into ways in which you can secure the quality of your carpets because one type of carpet could require a different kind of maintenance than another type.


After all, a carpet is an investment, so make the most out of your purchase and keep it looking as brand new as you possibly can.


Choosing carpet styles from A Cut Above


Bright and bold pink coloured carpet

Here at A Cut Above we understand that carpeting any room comes with key questions and considerations to ensure you are happy with your purchase. That’s why we offer a bespoke range that’s guaranteed to suit every style.


Whether you are decorating a small room and want to follow the above points, or you are looking for styles in general, we can certainly help you to choose the right option for you.


We take excellent customer service very seriously and strive to tackle every project with full dedication by offering expert advice from our trusted and reliable team.


So browse our collection for unique, quality and durable carpets to decorate any room in your home.


Call us on 0152 435 660, or email us at and begin your carpet journey with us today.

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