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Top Carpet Trends Predicted for 2016

As we are coming to the end of 2015, it’s a good time to start thinking about the latest carpet trends, especially if you are planning to decorate and are in need of some fresh ideas.


With that in mind, we thought it best to put this post together in order to give you a better understanding of the best carpet trends the year has given us, as well as what is predicted for 2016.


Neutral carpet colours


Neutral carpet in white living room space with furniture

It’s doubtful that natural coloured carpets are going to go out of style.


Although retro, colourful designs were favoured in the ‘70s and ‘80s, contemporary whites, creams and nude shades will certainly be a classy option for many years to come. It’s unlikely these shades will decline in popularity, but you can always add a splash of colour or maybe a bold rug to brighten your room.


One of the most interesting things about these kinds of colours is that they have the ability to stand alone, which is unusual for neutral shades in general. As with all neutral tones however, they are a brilliant option for creating a base colour from which you can add other shades in the form of accessories or furniture.


Other popular carpet colours

As well as grays and taupes, other popular carpet colours which are currently trending are muted blues, teals and earthy greens.


Here’s why they’re so good:


  • They stand out in a room full of neutral colours such as nudes and beige

  • Certain colours are great for changing your mood and earthy greens signify renewal and growth

  • Green is also the colour of nature, and is versatile against browns and greys.

Why could neutral carpet colours become more popular in 2016?

Muted colours needn’t be bland. The idea is to experiment a little more and add vibrant textures and patterns to spice things up. Adventurous pastel colours such as light greens, yellows and blues being a popular choice in recent years, neutral shades will complement just about anything.


Carpet patterns and textures


Neutral carpet made up of a spiral patterned effect

Patterned carpet will always be popular among buyers because they minimise the noticeability of stains and are great for themed rooms.


There are many types of patterned carpet styles that will suit a variety of buyers’ tastes, including:


  • Textured loops that are highly durable such as nylon have become much softer due to improved technology.

  • Ribbed carpet, which has the ability to add texture and enhance colour, looks chic and help to hide dirt. The rising popularity of ribbed carpets could prove to be a prominent feature in 2016.

  • Two toned/two coloured carpets provide visual satisfaction and are beginning to become a lot more sophisticated and bold. Often they are influenced by wool and sisal designs with a variety of popular choices - such as chevron - to accompany it.

  • Geometric designs such as diamonds, squares or subtle stripes are a brilliant way to add depth to your decor. Sometimes they can be created by loops and areas that have been cut, multi-dimensional loops and even from using two multiple colours.

Why could patterned carpets become more popular in 2016?

People are becoming more creative and daring when it comes to interior design, so a patterned carpet could have a dramatic effect on a room as opposed to a more traditional option. However, patterned carpets work well with more antique-styled furniture and vintage has certainly been making a comeback.


Eco-friendly carpets


Wool carpet with a soft and luxurious material

As well as earthy greens being a popular choice, there is another alternative set to make a storm in 2016: eco-friendly carpets.


Whether it’s in the form of wool, sisal or even recyclable nylon, a lot of people prefer to use natural fibres that are more sustainable.


Why could eco-friendly carpets be more popular in 2016?


  • They’re a lot more enjoyable for your feet.

  • They’re much better for people who are perhaps more sensitive to allergies and/or suffer from asthma.

  • They are better value for money, as they are extremely durable so you can enjoy them for far longer.

  • They also tend to be more naturally resilient to stains and are much simpler to clean.

Super soft carpet

As previously mentioned, advanced technology means that the demand for improved carpets will inevitably be greater - and as always, the comfort and satisfaction of customers is crucial.


Because the comfort factor has never been so high, luxurious styles, oversized loop piles and blending wool with many fabrics including silk, linen and cotton, are just some of the reasons why softer carpets have never been so popular.


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