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Unique Carpeting Ideas

Most people think that a carpet should be laid to cover the floor between four walls, and that’s it. But if you decide to think outside of the box when it comes to covering your floor, then you could have some fantastic creative ideas that your friends are sure to be jealous of.


So are you looking for some inspiration? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


Here at A Cut Above we love flexing our creative fingers and coming up with new carpeting ideas.


Explore some of our favourites that we’ve seen online so far!


Embedded Slippers


A pair of white, stylish slippers and some carpet


When you put your slippers on in a morning or evening, your feet can sometimes get too hot. This can lead to you kicking them off again, which means that you end up with slippers cluttered all around your living room floor.


But you can prevent this.


What if you were to cut foot-sized holes in the carpet and then slip that extra carpet into your slippers? Not only does this make your shoes extra comfy, you can also store them where you originally cut the carpet out. We recommend you get a professional in to do this as opposed to just cutting the carpet yourself, but it can definitely make your floor that little bit more unique.


A rug in a living room near a sofa


Make the rug match your furniture

Going for rug shapes in the likes of circles or ovals can make for a rather interesting and unique take on flooring in any room. Try and opt for a rug that slots in nicely with a curved couch, or perhaps create a unique border with the rugs you have.


A little bit of experimentation can make such a positive difference. So be brave, be bold, and move your rugs around to make the most of unique spots.


Go for rugs with holes

This may sound like a rather odd suggestion, but a rug with holes can actually make a huge statement. We’re not talking about holes that have accidentally appeared after years of worn use, but instead why not opt for ones that are purposely cut out.


They really can make a big statement, and the unique patterns they create on the floor are sure to impress guests time and time again. You see, your flooring is a space where you can get creative, but it’s also one where not many people do. It’s always best not to miss out on this and do something different in your home.


Experiment in the kids room


Some lovely flowery rugs in a child’s bedroom


One room that you can really unleash your inner child and creative nature is in your children’s bedrooms. They will likely be on board with doing something wacky in their space, and this is something that you can take advantage of.


Some of our favourite rug types in this room include princess castles as well as car racing rugs. However, we do have a soft spot for a hopscotch rug. Keeping the kids active, helping them learn to count and also providing them comfort is a multi-functional rug we’re definitely impressed with!


Stitch together your own rugs and carpets

Over the years, many of us acquire new carpets and usually have bits left over. Well, if you’ve kept them in a safe place, then why not get creative and stitch them back together again! One cute pattern we adore is the classic puzzle piece carpet that is a great addition to any children’s bedroom or playroom.


But it doesn’t just have to be for children. Sketch out a few ideas and see what you can come up with. This is a great way to get access to unique and perfect carpeting without having to splash out on big price tags. Everyone wins with this method, and you get to recycle your carpet waste too!


Consider optical illusions


A cream rug on top of a red wooden floor in what looks to be a basement


This carpet/rug idea isn’t for everyone, but if you really do want to take your flooring to the next level, then why not consider creating an optical illusion?


There are plenty of exciting carpets and rugs out there that allow you to do this. You can take the floor of your living room and turn it into a fish pond, or perhaps you’d be more interested in making it look like people are standing on a pedestal when they’re in certain areas such as by the front door. There really are some unique designs you can run with here, but we are aware that they might not be for everyone.


However, do your research and think it through and you should have a great carpet or rug talking point for all to see with ease!


3D rugs

Traditionally, rugs and carpets are usually flat. But what if you were to purchase flooring that’s actually 3D? There are some really unique ideas with this flooring type, and they may fare better in rooms that don’t see a lot of traffic. Little bumps and mounds of patterns can really add a unique edge to the floor - but don’t go too high. You don’t want anyone tripping up! Even if they do have a nice, comfy rug to fall on.


Carpets and rugs


Baby on rug with mother looking thrilled


If you’re interested in some unique carpeting and rug ideas for your home then why not see what we can do for you at A Cut Above?


We’re carpeting specialists, and we love nothing more than helping our customers find the perfect carpet for any space in their homes. We also offer car carpets as well as caravan carpeting and rugs, so no matter what you need, A Cut Above will be sure to have you covered.


To find out more. why not give our helpful, friendly staff a call on 01524 35660. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch shortly to assist you with your query further.


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