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Carpet Care for Pet Owners

Owning a pet can have a significant impact on your choice of flooring. Yet despite common belief, having a four legged friend doesn’t mean you can’t also have a fantastic carpet.


In this carpet care for pet owner’s guide, we’re going to take a look at the following:


  • How having a pet can affect your carpet

  • The best carpet choices for pet owners

  • How to maintain your carpet when you have a pet

  • How to repair carpet damage caused by pets

  • Which pets have the least effect on carpet


With all of this information to hand, there really is no reason why you can’t revel in the silky, soft, comforting feel of a wondrous carpet under your feet. So read on to find out more.


How owning a pet can affect your carpet


Having a pet will have an effect on your carpet. This is an unavoidable truth for all of those who invite one to live in their home - in particular the owners of dogs and cats.


But as we’ve mentioned before, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a luxurious carpet in whichever rooms you choose.


However, having a pet may lead to some damage to your carpet.


To combat this, you’re going to need one that’s easy to clean, maintain - and also one that doesn’t damage easily if sharp claws pull at it.


But don’t be put off by the possibilities for damage, because wear and tear to any flooring type is to be expected over time.


Plus, as carpet acts as a type of sound insulation, your pet may actually make less noise than they would on other flooring types which will help you to relax more in your home.


With this in mind, don’t write off a carpet if you have a pet.


In the next section we’re going to discuss the best carpet choices for pet owners - so have a little explore if you’re wondering which will be the best option for your and your furry companion.


The best carpet choices for pet owners


As mentioned earlier, pets and carpets can go together in a home as long as you know the best carpet choices for your rooms.


You need to ensure that your carpet comes with stain resistant technology, and that it’s durable to withstand sharp nails that could snag the carpet.


We recommend you take a look at the following types if you have a pet or are thinking of getting one in the future:


  • Patterned carpet

Opting to go for a patterned carpet instead of a plain one will help to hide any stains that your pet causes - and it will also help to hide stains caused by you too!


Patterned carpets really can look newer for longer, simply because it may take more time for wear and tear to become apparent. So make sure you opt for a patterned choice if you have a pet in your home.


  • Wall to wall carpet

If you’re wondering how your furry friend is going to get along with your carpet, then it may be best to opt for wall to wall carpeting.


Installing this type of flooring will ensure that your pets stay comfortable.


After all, they are the ones that spend the most time basking on your carpet anyway. So if you really want a solution that works for all, consider wall to wall carpet.


  • Dark carpet

If you do want to go for a plain colour, then we recommend you choose a dark one. Dark browns and even blacks will help to hide any accidental stains, and will also require cleaning a little less frequent that lighter options.


Plus, you won’t have to spend your time fretting over whether your pet is going to trapse mud into the house.


  • Opt for Nylon

Sometimes, people are tempted into buying wool carpets because they’re comfortable and pleasant to walk on. Yet nylon is actually the best option if you have a pet.


Nylon carpets are usually stain resistant, and also more durable than other carpet types. So if you want a carpet that will last, make nylon your first material choice.


  • Pet carpets

There are some carpet types out there that have been created with you and your pet in mind.


They are great for stain resistance, and can stop unwanted stains from seeping into the carpet padding underneath.


This can prevent mold growth and the harbouring of bacteria - so pet friendly carpeting may be your best choice if you want to keep your carpet clean, fresh and looking new for as long as possible.


How to look after your carpet when you have a pet


So you’ve chosen your carpet, but what measures can you take to ensure your carpet is kept in top condition despite your pets?


  • Keep your pet off the carpet when you’re out

One of the best ways to ensure your pet doesn’t damage your carpet is to make sure that you keep them away from it when you’re out.


Pets left unattended can cause a great deal of damage - which can be frustrating no matter how cute they are.


To combat this, leave your pet in a room where the flooring is most durable to prevent as little damage as possible when you’re not around to keep an eye on them.


  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

It’s not enough to simply go out and buy an expensive carpet if you’re looking for one that will last. You also need to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment to take care of it.


One of the key things all carpet owners should have is a decent vacuum cleaner. From Dyson to Bosch, whatever vacuum you choose - ensure it’s the best choice for your carpet.


Most people will suggest that you vacuum your carpet once a week, but consider doing it twice if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair.


  • Regularly clean your carpet

We’ve discussed vacuuming, but to really keep a carpet looking fresh, you’re going to need to clean it regularly.


You can either get someone in to do this for you, rent the carpet cleaning device, or invest in one if you have a particularly messy pet.


Some of the best cleaners on the market include the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner and the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer - and as the first one is designed specifically for pet owners, it’s a great option.


  • Keep an eye on odours

Carpets are more inclined to absorb various smells and keep them there, yet there are ways to neutralise the odours of your pet in the home.


Make sure you keep a close eye on the smells emitted from your carpet. If you neglect to do so, your house may end up smelling more of your animal than it does of yourself.


To find out how to remove odours from any carpet, take a look at the section below.


  • Watch our for pet hair

Some pets shed hair, this can’t be avoided. And this hair can sink into your carpet.


So to make sure your carpet stays as clean and fresh as possible, always be on the look out for pet hair.


We’ll discuss how to remove it in the next section if you’re struggling to maintain it.


How to repair damage to your carpet done by your pet


However, no matter how close an eye you keep on your pet, sometimes there may be inevitable damage to your carpet.


From odours to stains, to hard-to-reach hair, you need to make sure you have solutions to all of these potential carpet problems.


We’ve taken the hard work out of this for you and compiled a list below of some of the best methods.


How to remove pet hair


Pet hair can be an inevitable yet annoying aspect of having a pet. No matter how much you love them - you aren’t going to want their hair everywhere.


But what’s the best way to remove it?


That’s simple - to remove pet hair, you can use fabric softener and your vacuum.


It’s recommended that you combine 1 part fabric softener with 3 parts water into a squirty bottle. Lightly spray the carpet with the solution, and then let it dry.


After that, vacuum the area. The fabric softener should help loosen any deeply trapped hair.


How to get rid of unwanted odours


Baking soda is a great way to get rid of unwanted odours. It’s recommended that you sprinkle it onto the carpet, and if the smell goes deeper than the surface, then use a brush and really rub it in.


Add a bit more on top of the carpet, and then leave it overnight. After that, brush up the top layer and vacuum the lower layer out.


You can repeat this over and over and rest assured that your carpet will be safe. It’s best to keep going until you’ve managed to remove the odour for good.


How to take care of wear and tear


If your carpet sees a lot of traffic from both you and your pet, then you’re going to want to make sure that you keep wear and tear down to a minimum.


However, often pet’s nails will snag on the carpet. If you have a shag carpet, all you need to do is cut away these unsightly inconveniences with your scissors.


This becomes a much bigger task, however, if you have tighter carpet.


If your snag is smaller than ½ an inch then you will be able to get away with cutting it. It’s best to then disguise this by gluing the cut fibres down underneath the others that are still in a good condition.


If your snag is longer, get some masking tape and place some parallel on both sides. Cut the snag and then put a layer of glue where it was before. Then, keep the fibres you removed tight by twisting them, and then put them onto the glue below.


To reduce the risk of future snagging, ensure the ends are tucked in.


After that, place some wax paper on top of the area with something weighty on top. Leave this overnight and then remove in the morning.


The paper should easily come away from the glue, and your snag should be hidden.


How to remove unwanted pet stains


White vinegar and baking soda are two great items to have if you need to remove a stain. Simply soak the stain in your white vinegar, and then add a tiny amount of baking soda on top.


Leave it to work and let it dry - this should take around 2 days.


All you need to do then is sweep it up before going over the area with your vacuum cleaner.


This method is especially effective if you’re trying to clear up pet urine.


Which pets have the least effect on carpet


If you would like to have a pet in your home, there are some that are better than others when it comes to avoiding damage.


It goes without saying that the best way to avoid pet carpet damage is to go for a pet that doesn’t touch the floor. Bird, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish are all obvious examples of this.


However, if you do want a pet that is going to move about on your carpet, opt for shorter hair dogs and cats, as opposed to longer hair breads.


This will reduce the chance of their hair being caught in your carpet fibres, and it will also reduce the chance of odour from your pet.


Cleaning them regularly will also assist with keeping odours to minimal levels - so make sure you bathe your pet on a regular basis.


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