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Carpet and Interior Decor Guide

Choosing the right carpet for your rooms can play a very important part in ensuring your decor choice works across your entire home.


You need to think of the carpet as a base, or perhaps a starting point to plan the room around - especially if your carpet choice is heavily patterned and could clash easily without some careful consideration for the other items in your home.


Here at A Cut Above, we know the importance of carpet when it comes to beautiful decor - which is why we’ve put together this guide.


You’ll never be left scratching your head again when it comes to choosing the right carpet and decor for any room as we cover:


  • The best carpet for every room

  • How to ensure your carpet matches the rest of your decor

  • How to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible

  • Why carpet is so important to interior decor

  • The importance of carpet colour

So what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more.


The best carpet for every room



Each room in the house has a different function, and this will heavily affect your carpet choice.


By this, we mean the carpet you install in the bedroom will greatly differ when compared to the one you put in your hallway. And as your carpet is so important to the overall feel of your room it’s vital that we start here before we consider how to fit your carpet into the larger decor plan for your entire home.



It’s important to have a high durability carpet in the hallway. This is because this area will see a lot more traffic than others in the home. It’s also best to opt for darker colours in this space, as any dirt or muck that is brought in from outdoors will be easy to remove or disguise in the long run.


Carpets made out of materials such as wool or nylon are perfect for this kind of room.


Living Room

Another room that may need a higher durability of carpet is the living room. As a domain frequented by all the family, this too will see a lot of traffic.


You may be able to get away with lighter colours in this space, as people may have removed muddy shoes before they reach this area.



In the kitchen area, you want a carpet that is easy to clean. For this reason, we recommend nylon carpet. Nylon is stain resistant, which means any spills will be easy to deal with.


This carpet choice also works well in the dining room too for this exact reason.



Not many people think of carpeting the bathroom, but you can actually get waterproof carpets that add an extra layer of warmth to any home - especially when you’re getting out of the bath on a cold winter’s day!





As an area that sees much less traffic compared to other rooms in the home, the bedroom is an ideal place to really splash out on a sumptuous, luxury carpet.


Just make sure you take into consideration cleaning and maintenance methods. If you want an easier carpet to deal with, don’t opt for high maintenance carpet choices. Also, consider wool if you want something toasty underfoot.


How to ensure your carpet matches the rest of your decor


There are two ways to look at carpet:


  • As the base of your room

  • As a way to emphasis the rest of the decor

However, if you’re looking at this guide, it’s likely you haven’t chosen your carpet yet, so we’ll look at the first angle to begin with.


Carpet As A Base

If your carpet is the base of the room, you need to consider how the pattern is going to affect further decoration of the room.


Is the carpet filled with a variety of colours? Then it may be best to stick for simple colours when it comes to ornaments and sofas. Block colours could be of a benefit in this situation, as it will stop the room from becoming overbearing and allow it to remain a stylish, fashion statement.


If your carpet is neutral, then you have a bit more flexibility in terms of the rest of your decor. It’s also best to stick to two or three colours in a room that compliment one another. But as long as they don’t clash with the carpet, we’re sure your room will work no matter what colour your choose.


If your carpet is somewhere in between and has a few different colours in, then try to follow the rest of the room up with decor that matches. By using similar colours, your carpet will flow into the rest of the room and highlight the magnificent design ideas - so bare this in mind.


Emphasising Decor



If you already have a decor theme in place thanks to furniture, curtains and wallpaper and are just hoping to replace your carpet, then picking a carpet to furnish your home will act as a way to emphasis what’s already great about your room.


Stick to colours that match, and if your room is already busy then don’t opt for patterned carpet.


It may also be worth looking for carpet styles that are of a similar colour to the one you already have, if your motivation for buying carpet is to replace one that’s already there.


A shade darker or lighter could also have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room, so make sure you consider all the options in terms of colour, styling and materials to ensure you get the best carpet choice.


How to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible


If you’re going to splash out on a fabulous carpet that reinvents your home, you’re going to want to be sure that it will last.


In order to make it last as long as possible, you need to know how to maintain and clean your carpet choice.


Trying to figure out the best way to clean your exact make can be a stressful experience, and it’s always best to ask whomever you’re buying the carpet from for their advice.


However, there are some basic recognised ways for cleaning various carpet types, which we’re now going to cover.


Nylon Carpets

Nylon is a great material choice when it comes to any carpet because it’s got high durability levels, it’s stain resistant and it also cleans easily.


This means that a lot of regular carpet cleaning techniques will work on a nylon carpet.


For example, nylon carpets are great with any carpet cleaning product, but make sure you opt for ones under a pH of 10, or else the carpet could become more prone to staining in the future.


Vacuuming, of course, is another good way to keep your carpet clean. It’s recommended that you vacuum carpet twice a week, yet if there is a lot of people passing through, or if you have pets, it’s actually best to vacuum daily.


Wool Carpets

This carpet choice is also easy to clean, which means you’ll have a great head start when it comes to supply effective maintenance for any woolen carpeted areas.


Always make sure your carpet cleaning product is designed to be used on wool. This will help to ensure your carpet looks great and isn’t damaged during the cleaning process.


There are also professional carpet cleaners that will come out and do the hard work for you, so if you’re new to carpeting and perhaps are worried about the effect various cleaning products may have - consider giving them a call for assistance.


Again, vacuuming regularly on woolen carpets is vital to the upkeep. So it’s always best to invest in a vacuum model that you know will last.


Carpet Maintenance

As well as cleaning your carpet, there are a few other things that you can do in order to help ensure it lasts as long as possible.


For example, moving furniture around will stop high traffic areas from being worn down too much. It will also add a new edge to your decor, and can make a room feel newly renovated even though nothing has actually changed except the layout.


Choosing durable carpets that we discussed earlier will also be vital in this situation, and it’s also worth asking people to remove their shoes to reduce the risk of staining.


If you’re hoping to purchase a pet, then you must also take into consideration the effect they can have on your carpet. We have written a guide for carpet care if you’re a pet owner which you can find here, so take a look at this one for more advice if you own or are considering a furry friend.


Why is carpet so important to interior decor?

Carpet has the ability to change the feel of a room.


A wooden floor, or perhaps laminate can offer a cold feeling to a room, whereas carpet will always make you comfortable no matter where you are.


And as well as making your home stylishly comfortable, the choice of carpet colour also has a big impact on the decor in your home.


Below we’re going to discuss how your carpet colour affects the overall vibe of your room, and why you should always think heavily about this before investing.


The importance of carpet colour



Colours have the power to affect our moods and even change how we feel, and this is something you need to consider when choosing the right carpet for the decor in your room.


Take a look at some of the most popular carpet colours available, and how they can affect the feel of the rooms in your home.



Known as a colour of passion and love, red can be the perfect carpet colour for the bedroom, or perhaps the living room too.


The red tones will hide dirt and stains well, and it will also air an ambiance of romance in your home.



A carpet colour that’s sure to calm the soul, blue carpet is the perfect option for those who are considering laying it down in the bathroom, or perhaps a bedroom too.


The soothing undertones of a blue carpet are sure to relax the mind and pique the senses, so don’t miss out.



A popular carpet choice adored by many, cream carpet has an air of elegance and expense about it.


Best kept in homes that don’t have small children and pets, or perhaps in lower traffic areas such as the bedroom, cream carpet can be incredibly decadent. Especially if it’s a thick, soft material that will engulf your toes as soon as you step onto it.



As a carpet colour that can hide stains well whilst also looking great, a brown carpet can provide that neutral added comfort you’re hoping for in any room.


This colour may be best in hallways, dining rooms or kitchens as the dark colour will be able to withstand wear a lot more than a lighter carpet may be able to manage.


Light Pink

Perfect for a bedroom, a light pink carpet can tell tales of romance or perhaps be the perfect foundation for a little girl’s bedroom.


This colour can also portray a calming effect, and is the perfect shade to help encourage yourself or your children to wind down during the evening.


Multicoloured/patterned carpet

A multicoloured carpet can hide a multitude of sins, which make them great options for areas such as the dining room, the kitchen or perhaps the hallway.


The patterns will help to disguise any areas that need vacuuming and will also help to hide any stains that your carpet gathers over time.


Would you like a new carpet?


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