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The Carpet Materials Guide

As well as picking the colour and style of your carpet, you’re also going to need to consider the material it’s made out of too.


Whether your heart’s yearning for nylon, or perhaps your passion belongs to the wool variety - whatever your taste, consult this post before you go any further on your carpeting journey.


We cover the most popular carpets to help you make an informed decision when you come to purchasing your next flooring.


So remember to take note, and let’s recap some of the most common carpet materials and their benefits.





The first, and perhaps most significant benefit of nylon carpet is the fact that it’s one of the most durable carpet types on the market.


These carpet types are perfect for areas that see high rates of traffic, and stand the test of time. So if you want a carpet you can rely on for years to come, nylon may be your best bet.


On top of this, Nylon carpets also look great for a long period of time. This means your carpet will look as new as possible for as long as it can - and this is all down to the use of fantastic fibres that are synthetic.


Another way to help keep it looking fantastic, as well as a benefit of choosing nylon, is the fact that they are undoubtedly one of the easiest carpet types to actually clean.


This makes them great additions to the likes of hallways, dining rooms and also kitchens if you want to carpet this part of the home.


For all these reasons, nylon carpet is a brilliant choice if you have areas that are going to see a lot of footfall.





Another popular carpet choice often enjoyed by enthusiasts is wool. Much like nylon, wool is a carpet choice that is durable - ensuring your carpet has a long and fruitful life.


Not only this, but wool carpet is one of life’s finest treats. The carpet is incredibly comfortable to walk on. So if you enjoy sinking your feet into comforting carpet after a long day at work, then wool carpets may be the option for you.


Because wool carpets are thick, they are also great at preventing sound travelling and can act as an absorbent in any room. So not only will wool carpet make your room look fabulous, it will also help to make it more peaceful too.


If you want to make your home that little bit safer, then we better point out that wool carpet is also better at resisting fire.





Another carpet type that you may not have heard of before if you’re buying for the first time is polypropylene.


These carpet types are perfect for rooms that see less traffic, because they can provide a luxurious edge but don’t do well with relentless traffic over time. This means if you have a bedroom you’d like to deck out with sumptuous carpets, this could be the one for you.


However, there are also polypropylene carpets known as ‘berber’ which feature significantly smaller loops - making them much more ideal for spaces that will see higher levels of footfall. It’s all to do with the looping in the carpet, so make sure you consider this before going into the market and exploring your carpeting options.





Our final carpet type we’re going to explore is polyester. Polyester is short for polytrimethylene terephtalate, and this carpet type is a great choice if you're after something that’s great at resisting stains.


As this is one of the main concerns people have when they buy a fantastic carpet, there’s little reason to wonder why it’s a popular carpet choice for the home - especially if you have small children or animals.


However, if you are after a carpet choice to put in a high traffic area, we recommend that you don’t opt for polyester.


But apart from this, the overall quality of polyester carpet has improved a significant amount over recent years, and because it also comes with a great price tag too.


On top of this, If you’re after a carpet colour that will set any room alive then polyester could be your best bet. This is because some of the most vibrant carpets you’ll ever find are made out of polyester - so keep this in mind if you’re after a statement carpet as opposed to something more neutral.


If you or anyone else in the family suffer from allergies, polyester carpet will also help to reduce the chance of that happening - which could greatly raise its appeal for allergy sufferers.


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