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A Cut Above can provide you with bespoke removeable and washable carpets for cars. Alongside colour coding that allows for any paint to match the interior scheme, A Cut Above also make it possible for car mats to be inlaid and whipped to your exact specifications.


Bespoke Interiors


We understand every interior is different, which is why we are able to create a bespoke carpet for any type of vehicle. Whether it be a hatchback or sedan, we will do the essential measurements so your vehicle is fitted with that professionally perfect edge.


Fitted Car Mats


The floor of a car is more important than most people think. It’s vital that drivers have a place to rest their feet and not be obstructed when on the road. For this reason, we take pride in creating purpose built car mats that are tailor made to each individual driver, and we'll take the time to create the perfect mat that compliments your driving style.




Something that can be a concern to car owners is how they clean their vehicle. Although the exterior is easy enough to maintain, it’s the interior that can be problematic. Ensuring that our carpets are washable makes life easier for you, whilst also removing the need to hire a professional.


Studded Car Carpets


Studded car carpets are popular with a large amount of drivers. They are an easy way to ensure that the floors are kept clean due to how easy they can be cleaned as they can be washed with water. They can handle a variety of spills and direct, and can be customised with images, initials and other designs of your choice to really add that personal touch to your vehicle.


Colour Co-ordination


A persons car is personal to them, and their vehicle doesn’t only showcase a certain style, but the type of person the driver is. For this reason we offer a number of different colours so matching your flooring with the interior is that bit easier.


Whether it’s a traditional design, or something that’s a bit more experimental, we are able to cater to your specifications.




This may seem like a strange addition, but the weight of a carpet can have a large knock on effect on a vehicle. If you have younger children the heavier a carpet is the less likely it will be messed around with. It depends on how much material you want.


Although tufted carpet is incredibly popular, it’s one of the weightier options compared to standard plastic incarnations. The type of carpet is down to you, your vehicle and preferred styling.


Carpets For Cars


A Cut Above are able to create bespoke items for your car to your exact specifications. Your design desires are important to us, and we take pride in providing precise, detailed carpets and seats no matter what it is you're after.

If you have any questions about the services we provide for cars or anything else, contact us on 01524 35660