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The Complete Guide to Rugs

Not many people appreciate the power of a fantastic rug.


It can revolutionise a room and turn it into a space of comfort or relaxation. It can also provide that added fashionable edge that takes your decor to the next level - all with a simple flourish of colour and use of fantastic materials.


But how do you find that perfect rug for your home? And once you do, how do you care for it and ensure it stays in tip-top condition?


That’s where this guide can help.


We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about rugs, including:


  • Different rug types

  • Typical rug materials

  • How to find the best rug for your home

  • How a rug can change the feel of any room

  • How to effectively care for your rugs

So consider yourself covered if you’re hoping to learn everything that there is to know about rugs, and how you can use them effectively in your own home.


Different rug types


When it comes to selecting a rug for your home, it can be an overwhelming experience.


There’s just so many to choose from.


Whether you’re interested in a flat weave rug, a shag rug or one at the cutting edge of contemporary styling - you’ll be spoilt for choice.


So let’s recap some of the main rug choices you’ll have when it comes to decorating your home.


Tufted rugs

One of the most common types of rugs that you’ll find in stores and homes alike are tufted rugs. Made largely out of wool, you can always expect a reliable rug from this type of design. They’re a brilliant option if you know your rug will be walked across a lot, as they take a long time to wear down (around 12-20 years).


They’re also easy to make, which is why they’re such a popular rug option.


Flat weave rugs

Flat weave rugs can be defined by their thinness, and also because they are produced by using a loom. Needlepoint and tapestry rugs both adopt this rug style, and can be composed of anything from silk, to wool, to linen and more.


These rugs have an incredibly strong presence in the history of rugs, and have been created for thousands of years. So to keep it traditional, consider a flat weave rug.


Knotted rugs

These rugs also make use of the loom, except knotted rugs are usually mass produced by special knotted rug machinery. This technology is incredibly versatile and works so well that it’s usually hard to tell whether this rug type has been created by hand or machine.


Typical knotted rugs make use of materials such as wool, synthetic fibres and cotton. Yet because of the adaptability of the machines used to create these rug types, it’s not uncommon to see a wide selection of other materials used too.


Hooked rugs

Hooked rugs take a lot longer to produce than most other rugs on the list. This is because they are largely done by hand, and they’re also a favourite with those into their arts and crafts.


The idea is that you make loops with your chosen material by threading it through a base that can be made out of materials such as rug warp or linen.


Hooked rugs make a lovely addition to any home - so don’t miss out.


There are, of course, many more rugs out there including embroidered rugs, woven rugs and more - but the above are some of the most popular types.


Typical Rug Materials


Rugs can be made out of a variety of different materials, and whichever you opt to make the most of in your home, will largely affect how the rug will look and feel.


Below, find a selection of the most common materials used to make rugs and their benefits.



Wool is one of the most common materials used when it comes to rugs. This is because wool can handle high amounts of traffic very well, and it’s also good at helping to insulate rooms and encourage more heat. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re hoping for a rug that’s difficult to stain.



Another popular rug material choice is cotton. People favour cotton because it’s a natural material that’s also very durable. Cotton carpet usually makes for a rug on the thinner side, so keep this in mind when selecting which room you’d like your cotton rug to go in.



For those looking for a bespoke rug, then silk is the best option for you.


Silk hasn’t achieved its stellar reputation for no reason, and it really is the perfect option if you’re hoping to impress with your rug choice.


However, be wary of putting this rug type in a room that sees a lot of moisture as it won’t maintain your rug’s condition. Also avoid putting this rug type in a high traffic area.


This being said, if you’re looking for something that will add a certain level of lavish style to your home - opt for silk.


Now you have more knowledge on the variety of rugs and materials available, maybe you’re wondering how you can find the best rug type for your room? Read on to find out what you should be considering before investing in any rugs for your home.


How to find the best rug for your home


The type of rug will largely depend on the room you’re putting it in, the size of it and also the decor that’s already present.


Below find the most important things you should consider when purchasing a rug for your home:


What colour is the room?

You want to ensure that you opt for a rug that compliments the room as opposed to clashing, so it’s important to consider what colours will work in the space you have available.


If you have a neutral coloured room, then choose something that will pop and bring a whole new lease of life to the area.


However, if your room is already filled with patterned furniture and decor, it maybe be the best option to go for a carpet that’s one block colour, as opposed to one that may be too much for the room to handle.


Is it a high traffic area?

Another point to consider is whether a lot of people will be walking on the rug. If you expect a lot of footfall, we recommend that you go for a more durable option such as a tufted rug.


You don’t want to spend a large sum of money on a rug that will be worn down easily because of foot traffic, no matter how nice it looks - so exercise caution to ensure you get the most out of your chosen rug.


What size rug will work best in your available space?

The size of the rug is also important to consider when finding the perfect one for your room. If you’re hoping to cover the majority of the floor, then go for a larger option. Whereas if you’re just looking for somewhere to place your feet so they’re off the cold floor, a smaller one may do the trick.


However, whichever type you choose, ensure it compliments your room.


Do you have any pets?

A pet can affect your choice of rug significantly. As they will also enjoy basking on the softness of your chosen rug, you need to make sure you’re able to keep it clean. Ensure you check with your rug supplier which is the best way to clean your rug choice upon purchase.


How a rug can change the feel of any room


You’ve selected the best choice of material, the best rug style and even asked yourself the above questions - but perhaps now you’re wondering what a rug can do for the room you put it in.


Well, there are a variety of benefits to purchasing a rug and displaying it in your home, such as:


It will take your decor to a new level

Adding a rug to any room can revolutionize the way it looks and feels. It can add a new lease of life to a room that you’ve gotten used to, and can help you to personalise a space that perhaps you can’t decorate such as a flat or a rented house.


It will make your room more cosy

When you’re at home, you want a space that you can relax and feel comfortable in, and a rug will help you feel more cosy.


Think of soft, soothing fibres beneath your feet and you’ll soon appreciate how a rug can increase the homely nature of any space.


It can reduce echoes

Sometimes, if you have a large space, you may notice there’s an echo in the room. However, a rug can act as a echo dampener, and will reduce this pesky, common annoyance to a less noticeable sound.


It can act as a protective layer

If you notice your laminate flooring becoming worn down over time, then a rug can really help prolong the life of your flooring. It will take some of the pressure off the flooring underneath, and it’s also great if you have any problem areas on your flooring that you’d rather were kept hidden.


How to effectively care for your rugs


If you have a rug in your home, then you need to know how to take care of it in order to ensure it has a long lifespan.


There are a lot of tips out there on rug care that you may not be aware of prior to purchase, so take a look below for some handy hints on keeping your rug looking as good as possible, for as long as possible.



It perhaps goes without saying that one of the quickest and easiest way to keep your rug looking great is by vacuuming it. A good vacuum will suck up any unsightly dirt and keep your rug looking fresh. For an extra tip, also vacuum the underside of the carpet. This will ensure you get all of the dirt on the carpet - even the bits that have sunk down quite deep into the fibres.


Avoid carpet cleaners

A lot of carpet cleaners won’t be compatible with rugs, and are not recommended when it comes to applying a cleaning product to a rug. Instead, try and find products that are specifically designed for rugs - and if you’re unsure, always remember to ask a shop assistant whether it’s suitable for your rug cleaning needs.


How to remove bad odours from pets

If you’re worried that your rug is beginning to smell due to your pet, then a great way of cleaning away any problematic pet smells is blotting the area with a mixture that is one part white vinegar and three parts water.


Outsource your rug cleaning

Because it’s not stuck to your floor, it’s very easy to simply roll your rug up and get someone to clean it for you. Leaving it to the professionals will really help make your rug look as clean and fresh as possible, and it will also free up your time to do something more productive too!


The perfect rug

The perfect rug is out there, just waiting for you to seize it and add an extra level of comfort, fashion and durability to any room.


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