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Guide To Caravan Carpets

Owning a caravan is a great way of traveling with the comforts of your own home close by.


And just like you take pride in decorating your home, you’ll also want to take care of your mobile one too.


But what is it about a home that makes it… homely?


Well, it’s the small touches that make a big difference.


The family pictures on the wall, your favourite blanket slung over the back of the sofa for snuggling up at night - and that soft, nourishing carpet that basks beneath your feet.


That’s right, carpets aren’t as insignificant as you think.


In fact, the correct carpet can really create the perfect ambiance for comfort and relaxation, and we’re sure you’re going to want that familiar comfort in your caravan too.


That’s why we’ve put together this caravan carpet guide - so that you can make the most of the endless benefits of carpeting no matter where you are.


1. Ensure your carpet is durable


There are certain areas of the home that see more footfall than others, and this is also true of caravans. In fact, it’s even more true in your mobile home because there’s less place for footfall to venture, meaning the same narrow corridors of carpet are going to get trod on time and time again.


This is, of course, going to mean there’s more chance of it wearing down quickly.


To reduce the chance of this happening, go for durable nylon carpet that is sure to stand the test of time much longer than other carpet choices.


2. Make sure your carpet is easy to clean


When you think of caravan holidays in the UK, long walks across the country and picnics in the park may spring to mind - and all of these activities usually have one thing in common: muddy shoes!


You are likely going to get some form of dirt on the carpet when you’re out on your adventures, so to reduce the impact this will have on the appearance of your carpet, ensure you get one that’s easy to clean.


3. Consider whether you want a carpet roll or pre-cut carpet


If your carpet is pre-cut to size, it will be much easier to remove from the caravan and clean in the future. This is the perfect carpet type for those who have smaller mobile homes.


However, if you would rather a professional come in and fit your carpet, they will use a carpet roll. This option is advised for the large caravans where carpet replacement can be more tricky.


4. Make sure you chose the best colour and material type for your carpet


If you have a neutral coloured walls in your caravan, it’s probably best to aim for similar colours when it comes to your carpeting too. However, with some careful thought, brightly coloured and patterned carpets can also look great.


In terms of the material type, we recommend you go for wool of nylon, both of which are strong. And if you really want an added edge of strength, aim for a frieze carpet, or perhaps a woven berber or loop carpet.


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