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Ways to use Leftover Carpet

When you have a new carpet fitted, or fit one yourself, occasionally there’s some left over. But instead of simply throwing this away, why not consider making the most of what you’ve got left?


Leftover carpet can be incredibly useful, and if you’re feeling inspired, why not have a look at our ideas below and see if there are any that stand out to you!


Gardening Cushion

If you’re into gardening and regularly head outdoors, then you’ll know the strain your knees can be put under if you’re crouched over on them all day. But using old carpet folded up to act as a pillow can be a huge help, and make gardening that little bit more comfortable.


So instead of throwing it out, store some of the carpet with your gardening tools and have a more pleasant experience when you head outdoors!


Give your pet cat a new toy



Any cat owner will know just how much they like to scratch various objects - which can sometimes prove problematic in your home. But a great way to help prevent this is by creating a new scratching post for your cat out of the carpet you have left.


This really could make a big difference and prevent some of your favourite household items from being destroyed, so remember this one!


Protect wooden floors

Sometimes, when you have a piece of furniture with sharp edges on the bottom of them, your floors can wind up being scratched. This is something that we’re sure you’ll want to avoid in your home, and leftover carpet can be a big help.


Cutting out a piece to the same shape of the sharp bottom of your furniture and sticking it on will help prevent irksome scratches and keep your floor in the best condition possible.


Cushion the floor

We all know how easy it is to drop things, and nowhere is this more dominant than when it comes to cluttered work benches. By placing scraps of unused carpet around this, you can prevent any falling tools from becoming damaged, and you can also stop them from making a lot of noise when they hit the floor too. It’s a win, win situation!


Prevent car door damage



There’s few things more cringeworthy than when you throw your car door open and hear that horrifying crunch as it collides with your garage wall. But what if there was a way to cushion the blow?


We’re sure you’ve already caught on to what we’re suggesting. Left over carpet can make for a great bit of padding when you stick them to your garage wall. The next time you open your car door with a little too much enthusiasm, you don’t need to worry about damaging them. But remember not to take it for granted when you’re out and about - there won’t be carpeted walls everywhere!


Make household machines quieter

We all know how noisy washers and dryers can be, and if you can hear yours whilst you’re trying to relax after a hard day at work, or perhaps when you’re trying to sleep - it can become annoying very quickly.


However, getting creative with a bit of leftover carpet can make a massive difference in this situation. By simply propping some underneath the corners, you can greatly reduce the sounds your machines make and create a more peaceful atmosphere in your home.


Turn it into a rug

If you have a big enough piece and fancy getting creative, why not turn your leftover carpet into a rug and use it to decorate another room in the home. Not only will this help you to give your rooms a new lease of life, but it will also help to link your rooms together and give your house a connected feel when it comes to your decor.


Use it for an exercise mat



If you cut the carpet down to the right size, then you can avoid forking out for an expensive exercise mat and use the carpet instead. They will really help you to keep comfortable during workouts, so be sure to consider this one when it comes to utilising whatever you have left over.


Keep it handy for moving furniture

If you don’t want to permanently have a piece of carpet underneath your chair to avoid it scratching the floor, and instead would prefer to use it only when you’re actually rearranging your room, then this is easily done.


Squares of carpet underneath the feet of each piece of furniture need to be placed carpet side down, and they really are great for moving furniture in a safe and easy way.


Recycle it

If you really can’t find a use for your leftover carpet, then don’t just throw it away with your regular rubbish. Make sure you recycle it properly and do your bit for the environment.


Do you require carpeting?

So now you know what to do with any leftovers, how about getting your hands on some fantastic carpet?


Whether you’re after a new carpet for a room in the home, or perhaps you’d be interested in carpeting your caravan or looking at car mats, we’ll have the carpeting solution for you.


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