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  • Storm Heavy Duty Carpet


Product code: Storm001

Type: Wall to Wall Carpet

Backing: Action Bac

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Medium room5m x 4m


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Stairs & Landing5m x 4m


When developing carpets, it’s important that they are created with the customer in mind. A Cut Above appreciate this, which is why we’ve created a new range. This carpet style focuses on providing a contemporary look to fit any type of lifestyle, whilst also being incredibly easy to maintain. Storm is just of the choices we have available, and this range is especially popular. The most impressive part of this carpet is it’s design, which prevents a large majority of stains sinking in. Essentially, it’s almost impossible for a stain to stick, and cleaning is a lot easier; at most you’ll need to use a 1:10 bleach solution. For more information on this carpet or range, get in contact today.
Carpet Fitting Wall to Wall Carpet
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