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Room By Room Carpet Guide

Each room of the house has its own persona; its own personal feel that is underlined by the flooring you choose.


You simply cannot enter a space without some kind of contact with the floor, and that is why your carpet choice is such an important aspect of making a house a home.


From the comforting, plush carpets of the bedroom through to the short waterproof style of the bathroom - carpets can bring the wow factor that will set a room alight.


So to really get the most out of your carpet in terms of style, function and the best one for the job, you’re going to need a little help.


This guide will focus on ensuring that you know the exact type of carpet that will add that extra edge of personality to any room.


Think of your bare floors as a plain canvas, and the carpet as the paints/oils/pencils that are going to make your blank picture the ultimate masterpiece.


You want your masterpiece to awe, to inspire, to impress - and that’s where your carpet can really come into its own.


Read on to discover how to make this possible in every room of the house.




Think of a bedroom.


What is its main function; its purpose?


It’s a room that’s created as place to relax, to unwind - to finally get a slice of peace in our otherwise hectic lives. And it’s your own personal space in the house too, one that you can really explore in decoration terms and make your own.


So the carpet choice in your bedroom is incredibly important.


Carpet can banish the cool undertones of cold toes on a winter’s morning, and indulge our inner desire for sumptuous comfort all year round.


But what are the best carpet choices for your bedroom?


Well, the good news is your bedroom won’t see a great deal of footfall like other rooms such as the living room. This means that practically any carpet type can fit into this space - including some that may wear a little more easily.


We suggest you go for something with comforting, natural fibres. If you’re into lightly coloured carpets, then the bedroom may be the perfect place to finally splash out on that pure white carpet heaven because there’s perhaps less of a chance of it becoming spoilt by stains.


Wool is also another great option - simply because it is so incredibly comforting under the foot.


From our own specific range, our Classic Sage Strip is a popular choice for bedrooms, and is made of 80% wool and 20% nylon.




Bare with us, because not many people will consider putting carpet in the bathroom. But we promise it isn’t as crazy as it sounds.


When you think about the floor in a bathroom, you usually think about your feet hitting the cold tiles after a nice, warm shower - or perhaps you think about the dash from the bathroom back to the safe haven and plush carpets of the bedroom?


Well, what if you didn’t need to rush?


What if you could have the carpet come to you? And have it installed right where you need it most after a warm, soothing shower or bath - on your bathroom floor.


Well, you can.


Bathroom carpets are waterproof and washable, and really add a new found edge of decadent luxury to any bathroom.


The waterproof nature of the carpet usually comes from a gel backing, and because of this you aren’t limited to certain colours and patterns. In fact, you can get access to everything from green to red to blue carpets, and they will look fabulous, too.


We recommend you opt for a stain resistant carpet, although you will find that a majority of modern carpets will have this as a standard feature.


Also, a carpet type made up of 100% polypropylene will make a great addition to any bathroom floor and will stand the test of time.


So the next time you think about putting tiles on the bathroom floor, stop and consider carpeting too. It really can add an innovative, unique edge to your household.


Living Room


A sturdy, comforting carpet is often a common staple of the average living room. However, more recently wooden floors have also risen in popularity.


Yet there’s still something to be said for a brilliant, soft carpet in your living space.


Wooden floors can be soulless and cold, but the living room is a place for the family to come together and relax.


It should be a place where you can sink your toes into comforting fibre, where your children can play with their toys and avoid any injury that can occur if they were to fall on hard flooring.


Yet some people may still be put off in fear of the risk of stains and spills.


But there’s no longer any need to be fearful of stains. Most carpets will come with stain resistant features that will help to keep your carpet looking new, clean and fresh for as long as possible. And cleaning a carpet that you’ve had for a few years can really make a room feel brand new.


The best types of carpet you want in the living room are ones that are durable but also look good.


We recommend a 100% sisal carpet, or perhaps a comforting textured wool.


Yet whichever you carpet you choose to go for - ensure it’s one that’s stain resistant, durable, and has a long life expectancy.


A lot of traffic will pass through this area and you don’t want your carpet to wear down quickly.




Again, the kitchen may be a room people avoid carpeting due to spills and other potential stain opportunities, yet having a carpet in the kitchen can add a unique edge to your house that others won’t be able to match.


A carpet in the kitchen is especially favourable if your kitchen and dining room are one area. Why sacrifice the comfort of a dining room simply because your kitchen is in there too?


Ensuring you have the right carpet cleaning products and go for a stain resistant option will allow you to make a most of carpet in your kitchen area.


We recommend that you go for something neutral looking in this space, a colour that won’t constantly need to be hoovered - perhaps a darker tone.


In terms of material type, the best option for the kitchen space is the something durable, perhaps with a textured effect. We also suggest you opt for a carpet that is 100% polypropylene.


Dining Room


Much like the living room, the dining room is also a great space for everyone to come together as a family.


So you’re going to want your dining room to be comforting as well as appealing on the eye - and carpeting is one of the best ways to achieve this enticing, dining room effect.


In fact, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s much more of a pull towards relaxing in a dining room with a comforting carpet rather than one with a cold wooden floor - so make the most of carpeting in this vital family room.


An array of colours, textures and styles will suit a dining room depending on your decor, but one thing’s for sure - a carpet really will give that added, vibrant luxury needed to make your dining room a place for all the family.


It’s worth opting for a stain resistant number in the dining room, as well as one that can take harsh cleaning solutions without coming under any damage.


In terms of materials, you can expect a large range of carpet types to fit into your dining room. One largely made of nylon will help your carpet stand the test of time, as will a loop-pile carpet that is known for its durability.


With so many options, you may be hard pressed to find a reason not to make the most of carpeting in the dining room.




As a room that will see a lot of traffic, you want a carpet in the hallway that will endure no matter who treks through your house.


With this in mind, it’s important that you pick a carpet that’s both durable and stylish - and we also recommend you look for carpets that come with warranty to ensure you’re covered should your carpet fall victim to damage or a stain that won’t come out.


Hallway carpet will also require a lot more attention than others will, so we recommend that you also invest in carpet cleaners- but make sure they’re suitable to your carpet material, or else you could unintentionally damage your carpet.


In terms of material, we recommend that you go for yarn loops that will spring back into place time and time again no matter who’s walking on it. We also suggest you opt for something that is heavy duty, so you can be sure your carpet investment will stand the test of time.


For example, a carpet made mostly of nylon will a benefit to you in this area, as they are less prone to wear over time than other carpet options.


Colourwise, it may be best to opt for a darker choice, simply to reduce the chance of stains and keep your carpet looking clean for as long as possible.




Our final room on the list is more of a connecting space, as opposed to a stand alone place where the family can gather. Yet it’s one of the most important places to ensure you have the right carpet.


Carpeting on the stairs can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if your staircase winds around instead of simply going straight up - so we recommend you get the professionals in to fit this one.


But what are the best carpet types for this area?


Again, much like the hallway, the stairs will also see a high quantity of traffic. To put this into perspective, think about how often you alone venture up and down the stairs in a week, and then think about how much it must be with all the family combined.


It’s a lot, right?


So when it comes to carpeting the stairs, ensure you pick something that you know is durable. User warranty is also something worth considering in this area, as is opting for something that is easy to clean and benefits from stain resistance.


Any colour can fit nicely into the hallway, although it may be worth considering the lighter options if there is a lack of windows and natural light in this space. It’s also best to stick with the same carpet that you will use in the hallway to ensure that the staircase compliments the rest of the decor in the area.


Do you want a new carpet?


We hope you’ve found our guide useful, and have perhaps been inspired to invest in a new carpet that will really add a new lease of life to your home.


If you are indeed interested in installing a carpet, then feel free to take a look at what we have available in our fantastic range.


Here at A Cut Above, we’re carpet experts, and we enjoy nothing more than helping you really make a room your own by installing one of our fantastic carpeting options.


From bedrooms to dining rooms to living rooms, if you need a carpet - we’ll have the one for you.


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