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Velvet Atlantis

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  • Atlantis Heavy Duty Carpet

Velvet Atlantis

Product code: Atlantis001

Type: Wall to Wall Carpet

Design: Plain

Wool: 80%

Nylon: 20%

Availability: In stock


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Small room3m x 4m


Medium room5m x 4m


Large room6m x 4m


Stairs & Landing5m x 4m


When it comes to purchasing a new carpet, it can be tough to pinpoint which one is best suited to you. Yet the Velvet Atlantis may be the answer you’ve been looking for, especially since there are 80 colours and 3 quality types to chose from. Furthermore, we also make sure our carpets can manage high levels of stress by using material with 20% nylon merged with 2 fold yarn. This ensures you get the most out of your purchase. Expect rich comfort from this carpet, no matter where it’s used. We utilise a process called spinning, resulting in some of best quality material available on the market. If you want anymore information, get in contact with A Cut Above today.
Carpet Fitting Wall to Wall Carpet
Carpet Style Plain
Carpet Construction No
Carpet Durability N/A
Quality Prestige
Wool 80%
Room Type No