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Velvet White

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  • White Heavy Duty Carpet

Velvet White

Product code: white001

Type: Wall to Wall Carpet

Design: Plain

Wool: 80%

Nylon: 20%

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Medium room5m x 4m


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Stairs & Landing5m x 4m


Carpets are one the most important considerations when decorating a home' and a popular option is the Velvet White. It has been created with high levels of comfort and richness in mind, which has been made possible thanks to intricate material spinning. To combat the stress carpets deal with on a daily basis, 20% consists of nylon combined with a 2 fold yarn. There are 80 colours and 3 qualities to choose from, with each one being double cropped for a smoother finish and stain resistance. For more information on this fantastic carpet, get in touch today.
Carpet Fitting Wall to Wall Carpet
Carpet Style Plain
Carpet Construction No
Carpet Durability N/A
Quality Prestige
Wool 80%
Room Type No